Wheel of Fortune Love Tarot Meaning

The Wheel of Fortune Love Tarot Meaning

Fortune is the main Wheel of Fortune love Tarot meaning. When this card makes an appearance, you can be assured that your luck is about to change (and yes, it can mean you’ll win the lottery but this Tarot card also predicts general good luck!) You can look forward to positive outcomes in your love, life, and happiness. 

Some Tarot readings say that The Wheel of Fortune can mark a time of transition from one type of fortune to the next. If everything has gone wrong for you previously, then your luck is starting to turn from this point. Even if you have already felt hopeless, your relationships, business, and career will all surprisingly begin to improve.

In a way, The Wheel of Fortune also symbolizes fate and that which is meant to be. What is for you won’t pass you. A strange turn of events will ensure that you claim what is rightfully yours. Destiny will step in and push you towards your destiny.

Traditionally, The Wheel of Fortune is associated with winning the lottery. Gambles are going to pay off, so look for evidence of this elsewhere in your reading (The Ace of Pentacles or The Ten of Pentacles will be a good omen!)

In general, The Wheel of Fortune is usually a positive card representing luck and results after hard work. However, there will be times when The Wheel of Fortune appears in a drawback spread position or pops up in a bad reading.

Sadly, in a negative reading, the opposite of the above interpretation can be true. Even if you have worked your fingertips off, Lady Luck may not be on your side. If you have been the most fortunate person in the world previously, your lucky streak could be coming to an end. However, it is rare for The Wheel of Fortune to predict a turn for the worst. 

Finally, The Wheel of Fortune Tarot card can represent things happening in cycles. Is something in your life going round and round in circles without going anywhere? Obviously, this can be positive or negative; it is entirely dependent on context.

Wheel of Fortune Love Tarot Meaning

For love readings, good things will happen. The Wheel of Fortune is a reassuring card to receive for love, especially if it appears in an outcome position. The future of your relationship looks promising, and everything will run smoothly. 

Sometimes, The Wheel of Fortune can even indicate love at first sight. If you’re depressed over your most recent partner leaving you, don’t worry because you’ll soon meet your match made in heaven.

As I pointed out in the main description, sometimes The Wheel of Fortune can predict that things will happen in cycles. When The Wheel of Fortune appears in a negative spread position, this can mean that your relationship will go round and round in circles, never progressing to the next level. 

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The Tarot Wheel of Fortune for relationships, love, outcome, future, ex returning.
Good luck is a common meaning for The Wheel of Fortune when it appears in your love Tarot reading.

Wheel of Fortune Feelings Tarot Meaning

Are you curious to know how a partner or potential partner is feeling about you? The Wheel of Fortune is a positive sign, especially if you don’t know the person that well; you’re in luck! This person feels the way you want them to feel. 

Wheel of Fortune Future Tarot Meaning

The Wheel of Fortune can represent your luck turning in the future. Everything will come together in an unexpected way. 

Whether you’re using your Tarot cards to read love, relationship, or romance readings, The Wheel of Fortune is a very good card to get in an outcome position. The Wheel of Fortune means that destiny is on your side, and everything is going to work out in your favor. You just have to be patient and allow things to happen in their own time. 

Yes Or No with The Wheel of Fortune Love Tarot Meaning

General – The Wheel of Fortune is usually always yes for most questions.

Do they like me? – Yes, this person likes you, especially if you want them to. 

Am I pregnant? – If you want to be pregnant, The Wheel of Fortune is more yes than a no. However, this card can mean that destiny has its own plans, and pregnancy will come in its own time. 

Is this relationship going to last? – The future of this relationship looks positive, but the universe will decide the eventual outcome. 

Does the future of this look promising? – Yes, the future of this matter seems good. 

Am I going to reconcile with my ex? – When reading about reconciliations, The Wheel of Fortune predicts that you will get a chance to plead your case to your ex. The catch is that you will have to wait until destiny brings you together. You cannot force the time to be right.

The Wheel of Fortune As A Negative, Weakness or Obstacle

The Wheel of Fortune will appear as a negative, weakness, or obstacle in a Tarot spread when your fortune turns for the worst. Any luck you have experienced up until that point will run out, especially if your layout as a whole looks dire. 

With the above being said, I have found that The Wheel of Fortune usually predicts that something is meant to be for you, but not at that time. The Wheel of Fortune appears as an obstacle because destiny is standing in your way. There isn’t much you can do about this other than wait. 

The Wheel of Fortune as a Positive, Strength or Advantage

It is rather easy to interpret The Wheel of Fortune as a positive, strength, or advantage in a Tarot spread. In these cases, The Wheel of Fortune means that destiny and fate are on your side. The universe wants you to have the thing you covet and will make it easier for you to obtain your desires.

That’s all for The Wheel of Fortune Tarot card meaning! Remember, you can discover more relationship Tarot meanings by checking out the Love Tarot Meanings e-book. 

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