Three of Swords Love Tarot Meaning

Three of Swords Love Tarot Meaning

Heartache is the Three of Swords love Tarot meaning. All that is emotionally painful is associated with this card. Your relationship is failing and, to make matters worse, other people are involving themselves in your conflict. 

There is no getting around the fact that the Three of Swords represents sadness. Any Tarot reader knows that when this card makes an appearance, things are going to be difficult for you. In fact, when you see the Three of Swords, you can pretty much guarantee that your emotional pain is why you have decided to perform a reading on this matter.

Emotional anguish can come in many forms, but the majority of the time, this card refers to a break-up or divorce. That’s not to say that this break up will last forever or is indefinite; you will be able to see if it is or isn’t in a more future part of your spread.

It is a common occurrence for the Three of Swords to represent infidelity. The third sword symbolizes an outsider coming in-between you and your partner’s relationship.

When the Three of Swords doesn’t represent relationship trouble, it can symbolize an individual who will involve themselves in a different drama. You will feel betrayed.  

Finally, the Three of Swords can represent infertility or a miscarriage from the past or in the future. If you’re reading others, remember to be considerate when predicting death and miscarriage. I advise that you stay clear away from predicting future miscarriages as this can cause unneeded emotional trauma and stress. 

Three of Swords Love Tarot Meaning

The meaning of the Three of Swords in a love reading is pretty self-explanatory; it is a heartache card, and the prospects and outcome of your relationship are bleak. 

You may have pulled the Three of Swords in a reading where you would like to know if a past ex-lover is coming back. If this is the case, the three of Swords can mean that they are not returning because they are still hurt. Reconciliation is not likely any time soon.

The Tarot Three of Swords for relationships, love, outcome, future, ex returning, yes or no.

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Three of Swords Feelings Tarot Meaning

There will be love readings where you will ask what the feelings of your lover are and the Three of Swords will come up. Similarly, the Three of Swords will also appear in a ‘What they want to happen’ Tarot spread position. From experience, I would say that this represents the fact that your lover subconsciously is the type of person who enjoys the drama of a break-up. In the end, they will want to play the victim because they have a ‘poor me’ attitude. 

Three of Swords Future Tarot Meaning

You and your lover will go your separate ways in the future – a break-up is almost certain. The chances of this relationship going the distance are pretty slim.

The Three of Swords can represent the straw which breaks the camel’s back. For example, there will be infidelity, betrayal, or another negative situation which you cannot overcome as a couple in the future. The outcome of this partnership looks bleak.  

Yes or No with the Three of Swords Love Tarot Meaning

General – The Three of Swords is usually always a no.

Do they like me? – This person of interest does not like you. Alternatively, they feel you are filled with drama. 

Am I pregnant? – If you want to be pregnant, you are not. If you do not want to be pregnant, you are. 

Is this relationship going to last? – No, it is not. 

Does the future of this look promising? – No, it does not look promising. 

Am I going to reconcile with my ex? – On the slim chance that you manage to reconcile with your ex, the relationship will be short-lived. However, chances for reconciliation do not look good. It seems as though your lover is going to meet someone else.  

The Three of Swords as a Negative, Weakness or Obstacle

Because the Three of Swords is a pretty negative card, it is rather easy to interpret it when it appears as a negative, weakness, or blockage spread position in a Tarot card reading. 

When you’re reading a relationship, the Three of Swords can predict a separation or significant disagreement with your lover; this is going to be a substantial obstacle which you will both need to navigate. 

If you are suffering from fertility problems, this can also be a source of tension, not only in your partnerships but also with regards to your mental wellbeing. The Three of Swords is appearing as a blockage because you are being led to make choices which you would not usually make. 

Finally, the Three of Swords can appear as an obstacle if other people are standing in your way of you achieving the things you want. Alternatively, other people may be engrossing themselves in your conflicts, make an already tricky situation much worse.

The Three of Swords as a Positive, Strength or Advantage

In a love Tarot reading, there will be times when the Three of Swords appears as a positive. This card can also land in a strength or advantage position of a Tarot spread. If this is the case, it means that one failed relationship will lead to something better further down the road.

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