The Lovers Love Tarot Meaning

The Lovers Love Tarot Meaning

The Lovers love Tarot meaning is obvious. Passion is the main meaning of The Lovers Tarot card. With this card, all strong emotions are ignited within you. It is obvious that The Lovers is the card of love and relationships. That which is both emotionally and physically pleasurable will pop up as The Lovers. Soulmates, sex, and even, marriages can be predicted with The Lovers.

Passion can be a good thing. However, for more negative readings, some Tarot readers will predict trouble cooking when relationships become too intense. Strong emotions can make relationships volatile.

If you are not concerned with your love life, the passion of The Lovers will manifest as a hobby or pastime which you will engross yourself in. This is not a common interpretation, but it does appear from time to time. Your newfound interest will take up all of your time and energy; it will become an obsession.

Another meaning is that The Lovers card represents choice. On some Tarot card designs, there is a male choosing between two lovers. In this case, the card will predict that you will choose what you are passionate about. Usually, the choices you make will be for the better unless there are cards that predict otherwise. I am optimistic about The Lovers in that I believe it predicts good decisions. 

Finally, in more mundane matters, The Lovers will symbolize the urge for you to overhaul your physical appearance. The Lovers means that you will soon buy new clothes, get your hair done, or invest in a beauty treatment.   

The Lovers Love Tarot Meaning

It is pretty obvious that The Lovers is a desirable Tarot card for love readings and relationships. I have found that this card makes an appearance when two soulmates have found each other. Have The Lovers appeared in an outcome position of a love reading? Expect good results from the relationship.

The only time The Lovers card isn’t encouraging for love readings is when you’re involved in an affair as the other woman or another man. In this case, your partner will not leave their significant other for you; they want the purely physical parts of the relationship with no strings attached. This is especially true if there are Queen (or King) Court cards around as these can represent the fact that your lover’s wife/husband is here to stay.

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The Tarot Lovers for relationships, love, outcome, future, ex returning.
Passion is a common meaning The Lovers for when it appears in your love Tarot reading. This card can also indicate choice.

The Lovers Feeling Love Tarot Meaning

Curious to know how a potential partner feels about you? The Lovers is a good card to get. More than likely, their feelings sway towards wanting some type of relationship with you. However, be wary that the relationship isn’t all physical, otherwise your partner might lose respect for you and not stick around for the long term.

The Lovers Future Love Tarot Meaning

If you are single, The Lovers will pop up in the future to indicate a future relationship. Even if you do not feel that you are ready for a relationship, a special someone will come along and sweep you off of your feet! 

The Lovers can land in a future position to symbolize choice. Like the Seven of Cups, The Lover represents the decisions you will have to make in the future. However, the Seven of Cups can symbolize lots of choices, but The Lovers will represent one major choice.

Yes Or No with The Lovers Love Tarot Meaning

General – The Lovers is usually a yes, especially if you’re concerned about making the right decision. However, there are more definite cards that can appear, so it is not 100% yes, but your prospects do look positive.

Do they like me? – Yes, this person loves you. 

Am I pregnant? – I would personally not always interpret The Lovers as a typical pregnancy or conception card, but I know that some readers read it as a yes for pregnancy questions. 

Is this relationship going to last? – Yes, this relationship is going to continue for the foreseeable future. 

Does the future of this look promising? – Yes, the future of this matter looks promising, especially if you are reading a love matter. 

Am I going to reconcile with my ex? – Yes, your ex is going to return. However, they may not come back as quickly as you think, but there will be a reconciliation in the future. 

The Lovers as a Negative, Weakness or Obstacle 

The Lovers appearing in a negative, weakness, or obstacle spread position can mean that a relationship has taken a seedy turn. Affairs often first appear as The Lovers. This card marks a time when a friendship or emotional affair turns physical. Suspect unfaithfulness? I would look for other Tarot cards which can indicate infidelity and heartache (Three of Swords, Five of Cups) before you go jumping to conclusions.

Most commonly, The Lovers will appear as your weakness when you are not very good at making decisions. You are very much like Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. You always pick the juicy, red apple. 

The Lovers as a Positive, Strength or Advantage

For relationship readings, The Lovers will appear in a Tarot spread as a strength, positive, or advantage when your partner is in love with you. They are just as equally passionate about the relationship as you are. 

Alternatively, The Lovers as an advantage means that you are very good at making the right choices. You’re not a sufferer of shiny object syndrome. Although you’re passionate, you do not allow these emotions to cloud your judgment. Your decision is unbiased. 

That’s all for The Lovers Tarot card meaning! Remember, you can discover more relationship Tarot meanings by checking out the Love Tarot Meanings e-book. 

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