Love and Tarot contact

Ready for more information? Please read the FAQs below first. If your question is not outlined, you can contact me through my parent site here & I’ll get back to you ASAP!

“I purchased an e-book and have not received an email”

First, check your spam folder as it is usually always in there. The email should come from ‘Get DPD’ as this is my e-book hosting platform. If it is not there, contact me through my parent site here and I will send you a new link.

“I messaged you on Facebook, why have you not responded?”

I do not use messaging apps at all (including Facebook Messanger). The best way you can get in touch with me is through a contact form on my parent site here.

“Do you do readings online?”

As of 2017, I no longer perform online readings. This website is dedicated to my mission to teach others how to perform better readings for themselves.

“Will you interpret my reading for me?”

I do not interpret other people’s readings. You can interpret your own reading using one of my e-books or through the meanings directory on this website.

“Why does your teachings not include information about Tarot reversals?”

I have never read with reversals so I do not teach others how to read them. I do not believe that reading with reversals adds more detail to a reading and that is why I do not use them.

“I have Gypsy ancestors, can you teach me more about Gypsy culture?”

I am not a genealogist or anthropologist, I am a diviner. It is not my place to teach you more about your family or help you to ‘reclaim your culture’. Any questions of this nature will not go answered.

“Will you speak at my event?”

I have spoken at events in the past, so this is a possibility. Feel free to contact me through the form below on my main site here and I will get back to you.

“Can I interview you for my website/blog/podcast/Youtube channel?”

Yes, I do interviews or guest blog as long as the subject matter is related to divination, fortune telling or using signs for psychic development. Feel free to contact me here for more information with the subject matter ‘interview’.

“I would like to submit a review or testimonial for your sales pages / testimonial page”

Thank you! Contact me through a contact form on my parent website here and I will get back to you.